Writing propositions thesis

Great article, thank you! I think the trade-craft and ‘magic’ really happens when you need to define your target audience. This is often the trickiest (and most impactful!) part. Knowing how to segment your market using data, experience and intuition, and then prioritizing the most profitable segments (., you only want to go after the most attractive and lucrative customers) is key. We’ve guided business owners who initially approached us with the ‘wrong’ target audience, and were spinning their wheels (and wasting a lot of money and time) promoting their value prop to the ‘wrong’ customers… A painful mistake which can be fixed by using the appropriate techniques and data-driven tools to ensure you segment your market in the right way and accurately prioritize the segments so your business is focusing on increasing sales!

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Writing propositions thesis

writing propositions thesis


writing propositions thesiswriting propositions thesiswriting propositions thesiswriting propositions thesis