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But sometimes, as in the tale, a woman's creative life is taken over by something that wants to manufacture things of the ego only, which have no lasting soul-worth. This struggle often manifests as pressure from society that makes us feel as if our creative ideas are useless, that no one will value our work, and it is futile for us to even try. "That is pollution," Estes reminds us, "pouring lead into the river. That is what poisons the psyche. When there is too much soulless manufacturing, toxic waste pours into the pure river, killing off both creative impulse and energy." The most common effect of pollution in women's creative life, Estes writes, is loss of vitality. Then the creative life dies because we are not tending to the health of the river.

This is basic Law of Attraction stuff, which states that we have the power to manifest everything that we need in our lives. Yes, all it takes is getting clear about what we want. There are a couple of caveats though — we’ll never manifest more than what we think we deserve; we’ll never manifest more than is in line with our karma . But those caveats aside, it’s a very powerful ritual and a surefire way to get stagnant energy moving in your life. If you want healing in your life, ask for healing. If you want a job, specifically outline the sort of job you want. Take time to mentally examine any blocks you might have to manifesting what you want in your life. Dismantle any feelings of unworthiness or anything that cancels out your manifestations such as saying, “I am getting a new job,” in one breath followed by, “No one will ever hire me,” in the other. You’ve just canceled out your manifestation!

So long as a people comes to believe their rights have been assaulted in a “long Train of Abuses and Usurpations,” they will seek to protect those rights by forming their own state, for which international custom demands a declaration of independence. In February 2008, the majority Albanian population of Kosovo declared their independence of Serbia in a document designed to reassure the world that their cause offered no precedent for any similar separatist or secessionist movements. Fewer than half of the current powers of the earth have so far recognized this Kosovar declaration. The remaining countries, among them Russia, China, Spain, and Greece, have resisted for fear of encouraging the break-up of their own territories. The explosive potential of the American Declaration was hardly evident in 1776 but a global perspective reveals its revolutionary force in the centuries that followed. Thomas Jefferson’s assessment of its potential, made weeks before his death on July 4, 1826, surely still holds true today: “an instrument, pregnant with our own and the fate of the world.”

Uranus essays

uranus essays


uranus essaysuranus essaysuranus essaysuranus essays