Theology dissertation ideas

With the guidance of DU and Iliff faculty, students define their academic specializations through course work, comprehensive exams, and the completion of a dissertation leading to a PhD that is jointly granted by both institutions.  A certificate in LatinX Studies and a Future Faculty in Religion certificate are options for students with those interests. The Joint PhD Program is designed to prepare persons for independent research, teaching, and service. Some will use these abilities as scholar-teachers in higher ed.  Others will find vocational fulfillment within the context of religious organizations, institutes, counseling centers, government agencies, and other professional venues. 

Students must take an additional seven courses for credit of which at least four courses must be from the area of concentration (designated by the prefix CH), one course from another doctoral concentration (either Biblical Studies or Homiletics), and two courses related to the student’s concentration must be taken from an external higher-education institution (an approved course partner of PRTS). Please consult the course schedule for doctoral courses related to the Historical Theology emphasis. Aside from these listed courses, students may upon approval enroll in CH999 – Directed Research, the course content and syllabus to be arranged between the student and the advisor.

Theology dissertation ideas

theology dissertation ideas


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