Mennesker og maskiner essay

At the 7 th of March in 1942 just 150 nautical miles from the planned destination was the ship sunk by Japanese airplanes. A group of 36 Chinese sailors fled the ship in one of the lifeboats, but Captain Marcus Iversen decided to hold the ship afloat for as long as possible. After the third attack from the Japanese airplanes, the captain decided to flee in one of the lifeboats. The two life boats were split apart, and the captain rowed for 18 days before he reached Sumatra. The other boat sailed northwest for 88 days until it landed in Port Blair on the Andaman Islands. One Estonian sailor died in the lifeboat. These six sailors completed the longest lifeboat journey ever done by a crew which had their ship sunk during the Second World War. This journey must have taken superhuman stamina and willpower. But the disappointment must have been severe as the crew ended up in Japanese captivity. This crew was detained until October 1945. The crew of this lifeboat consisted of: First Helmsman Birger Olson, born in Norway in Sem, Second Helmsman Roald Daler, born in Norway in Tønsberg, Third Helmsman Einar Eide, born in Norway in Ålesund, First Machinist Jaan Svads, born in Estonia (which died during the journey in the lifeboat), Second Machinist Jens Kristian Limkjær, born in Norway in Larvik (died of dysentery and overexertion in Port Blair at the 17 th of June 1942), Cannoneer Denis Whitehouse, born in Britain. Other survivors were detained until October 1945.

Banking is necessary, banks are not was stated by Bill Gates all the way back in 1994, and has served as the mantra for the first wave of fintech. Following the Silicon Valley obsession of disrupting incumbent industries, numerous fintechs were ready to challenge every aspect of banking and deliver better banking services directly to consumers. Armed with the recent Millennial disruption index, where 71% of respondents claimed to rather visit the dentist than listen to their bank everyone was convinced that the days of incumbent banks were numbered.

Mennesker og maskiner essay

mennesker og maskiner essay


mennesker og maskiner essaymennesker og maskiner essaymennesker og maskiner essaymennesker og maskiner essay