Introduction television essay

Chosen at random through proven methodology, Nielsen’s . TV families represent a cross-section of representative homes throughout the country. We measure viewing using our national and local people meters, which capture information about what’s being viewed and when, and in the major . markets, specifically who and how many people are watching. We also have TV set meters in many local markets, and we collect more than two million paper diaries from audiences across the country each year during “sweeps”—specific periods during the months of February, May, July and November. To measure video content viewed on mobile devices, we have expanded our panels to incorporate census-style data from third parties in order to capture the breadth and depth of consumer usage.

I can still remember a very old program that we watched every day after school. My uncle had bought a 1952, 17 inch Admiral tv. The program
was called Moonstone. All the neighborhood kids would come and watch
it on the TV. That program was aired at around 4:30 PM in 1952 on CBC television and wecould not wait to come home to watch this program.
When on these sites, they talk about old programs, I find it quite amusing when they talk of the sixties. I am talking the fifties, now that is old.
I wonder if any old timers like me saw these programs.

Introduction television essay

introduction television essay


introduction television essayintroduction television essayintroduction television essayintroduction television essay