Fellowships for italian dissertations

Central to the Foundation’s grant and fellowship programs is the Foundation’s mission-driven commitment to making the fruits of its funding programs as broadly accessible as possible. To that end, the Foundation strongly urges its grantees and fellowship administrators to help diversify the next generation of art historians, art conservators,  and art museum professionals by adopting an inclusive approach to all Kress-sponsored partnerships and educational and training opportunities. Similarly, the Foundation strongly encourages the adoption of sustained, open access approaches to the dissemination of Kress-funded resources that support education, research, and scholarship. For the latter, please read the  Conditions of Kress Foundation Awards .

Six $32,000 Fellowships are expected to be awarded each year for post-graduate internships in advanced conservation at a museum or conservation facility.

For 2017 applications, at least $27,000 must be allocated as a fellowship stipend; up to $5,000 may be used toward host institution administrative costs, benefits for the Fellow, and other direct costs of hosting the Fellowship. Grant funds may not be used for indirect costs. Preference will be given to applications that propose a stipend greater than $27,000 for the Fellow.

For applications submitted in 2018 and later years, the full $32,000 must be allocated as a fellowship stipend.  Payroll taxes may be withheld from the $32,000, but any other benefits, travel or education reimbursement, or administrative costs must be met by the institution or other funding.  Grant funds may not be used for indirect costs.

Most Fellowships begin in late summer or early fall, and run for a term of 9 to 12 months.  A report, whether interim or final, will be due from the host institution in September of the year following the award.

Confidential letters of reference from  three referees. Additional letters cannot be accepted. Referees will receive an automatic email with a link to upload their letters to the online application site once the applicant has submitted an application. Dossier services may be used for the submission of referee letters. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact referees before submitting the application. While all documents required by the applicant need to be submitted by the September 15 deadline, we allow a grace period for reference letters, ., referees may upload these to the online system until September 22.

Fellowships for italian dissertations

fellowships for italian dissertations


fellowships for italian dissertationsfellowships for italian dissertationsfellowships for italian dissertationsfellowships for italian dissertations