Essay-india in the year 2020

A Telemedicine network, intended to provide super speciality medical services to the remote rural areas is a reality just because of the INSAT. In fact, the network provides medical services to a vast section of population covering rural and urban areas. EDUSAT, India’s first thematic satellite, exclusively dedicated to educational services, is one of the greatest services, rendered by the INSAT. The meteorological services offered by the INSAT immensely help in disaster management. About 350 receivers have been set up along the east and west coast of India which provide information regarding weather conditions.

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Rates of saving and capital formation and GDP growth are given in Table Prior to 2003-04 rate of saving in India since 1991 when economic reforms were initiated was in the range of 24 to 26% of GDP. But, as will be seen from the Table , from 2003-04 to 2007- 08 (that is, prior to global financial crisis) average rate of saving rose to per cent of GDP which pulled up the rate of investment or capital formation. As a result, average growth rate of GDP for the five years period (2003-08) rose to 9 per cent. With this India became the second fastest growing economy of the world, next only to China.

Essay-india in the year 2020

essay-india in the year 2020


essay-india in the year 2020essay-india in the year 2020essay-india in the year 2020essay-india in the year 2020