Dessay vocalises

“But the revelation of the evening was undoubtedly a stunning Julie Fuchs in the role of Madness. With outstanding voice capabilities, she ignites the room. Sparkling, incisive, aggressive but also melancholy, desperate and rebellious, she twirls from one bar to another, playing with the room and with the head. Marc Minkowski is in love and so are we. In addition to a soprano with the promise of  a glorious career, we see a great actress who perfectly embodies the role and who has a blast!”
Gaspard Favre, , 9 September 2015 

The German baritone Matthias Goerne articulates Eisler’s anguish with crisp diction couched in a velveteen musicality. More even than Dietrich Fscher-Dieskau, who took up these songs half a century ago, Goerne goes to the heart of pain without a trace of pity and with sudden flashes of wit. He turns wilder and more dramatic in a set of Bertolt Brecht songs for voice and piano, accompanied by Thomas Larcher, who also performs Eisler’s earliest work, a 1923 piano sonata dedicated to Schoenberg. The sound is exemplary and the cover image arresting; this is a near-perfect record.

Dessay vocalises

dessay vocalises


dessay vocalisesdessay vocalisesdessay vocalisesdessay vocalises