Cruelty of animal testing essay

Hi Rebekah! It is really frustrating, especially when the rest of their response seems reassuring. But I guess it goes back to the old saying – lying by omission is still a lie. Unfortunately, aside from just following up, I haven’t found a better way to handle it yet. When I have gotten a second response from companies (often I don’t), it almost invariably doesn’t really make sense. Things like “we don’t qualify for PETA certification because our products contain animal ingredients like wax”…
I actually did get an additional response from PETA a few weeks after I contacted them, they provided a bit more information. They recommended I contact the company’s CEO directly and if they answer all questions indicating they really are cruelty-free, to ask them to sign a statement, then mail it to PETA. I’m planning to try that. I’d be more than happy to forward the PETA email to you if you’d like, just send me an email at Catherine@ and I’ll forward it on. I don’t know what effect directly contacting the CEO would have, but at a minimum it reinforces that this is an issue consumers really care about.
Also – your site is terrific! ♥

What is the Institute for In Vitro Sciences?
The INSTITUTE FOR IN VITRO SCIENCES (IIVS) develops and implements programs in countries where in vitro testing is not accepted in order to educate scientists on the scientifically validated safety record of these methods. We are proud to announce a new partnership with the INSTITUTE FOR IN VITRO SCIENCES (IIVS) to help ensure that alternative testing becomes the global standard. By funding IIVS ’s International Outreach Program (IOP), we are working to make a difference. The IOP provides a wide array of support including technical assistance in the form of lectures, workshops and hands-on training sessions to countries that rely on animal testing to determine the safety of products or ingredients.

Cruelty of animal testing essay

cruelty of animal testing essay


cruelty of animal testing essaycruelty of animal testing essaycruelty of animal testing essaycruelty of animal testing essay