Counselling psychology doctoral thesis

Introduction to Psychotherapy and Counselling introduces the students to the fundamental theories of psychotherapy. The module looks at a number of theories such as the psychoanalytic theories of Freud, the humanistic approach and REBT to name a few. Students will be taught the fundamental skills of a therapist such as listening, attending and responding skills. Students will further learn questioning techniques to be able to interact with clients. This module will provide students with the understanding and applicability of psychotherapy and counselling to successfully implement this professionally and in other areas of development such as personal, life, relationships, workplace and family.

To be eligible applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree consisting of 42 credits of core courses in specific Psychology domains . Consult the Pre-Admission Academic Checklist - Project [.doc] for a detailed overview of academic requirements. Prospective applicants should ensure they have taken the appropriate courses before beginning their application. Consult the Counselling Psychology Pre-Admission Academic Domains Guide [.pdf] to determine how to categorize courses when completing the Pre-Admission Academic Checklist.

Counselling psychology doctoral thesis

counselling psychology doctoral thesis


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