Chameleons and codes essay

Since the Sahara desert is only sparsely populated, and that population significantly comprised by nomadic hunter-gatherers, human activities have not posed as serious of threats to the desert's habitat as they have many other of the world's unique environs. Still, the indiscriminate hunting of wild animals for food, sport, and recreation has severely brought down their numbers, and some species, like the Addax (White antelope), have become critically threatened with extinction. Interestingly, the effects of climate change, which is increasing the rate of desertification in most of the habitats of the world, is possibly leading to a greening of the Sahara. In fact, increasing rainfall in the region has been reported by scientists studying the Saharan environments. As per National Geographic News, trees such as acacias are now markedly flourishing in the Sahara Desert, and Saharan shrubs are also increasing in size and number.

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Chameleons and codes essay

chameleons and codes essay


chameleons and codes essaychameleons and codes essaychameleons and codes essaychameleons and codes essay