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What survives of us is the idea that the love that can inspire that “sharp tender shock.” The capacity , the “almost-instinct,” the something that’s there, inherent in living beings, ready to be ignited—the recurrent ability to love—that he’s talking about. I think it’s no accident that these powerfully eloquent sentiments were virtually torn out of the souls and stanzas of these two poets. And no accident that in some ways they became embarrassed by how nakedly they reveal themselves in those lines. And how they had to do everything they could to cover up that nakedness, like the first couple, expelled from the garden. Make themselves and their poems more “mature” and “sophisticated” for a culture that makes a fetish of complication and ambiguity above earnestness as signs of “seriousness.” Larkin put the barbed wire of irony around the ecstatic utterance, Auden altered or erased his.

Getting people integrated continues to be an issue, but many are hopeful the country will move forward. There are refugee camps established to help people fleeing the area, but they have been reduced in size as the riot activity dwindles. There have been other actions in the area questioned as some wonder if they were related to the xenophobia, such as attacks on shopkeepers in Somali. Helping South Africans understand others feelings and reactions is just a tip of the iceberg in hopes of getting past the violence. Such events have taken aspects of discrimination to unprecedented heights.

Bob marley essay titles

bob marley essay titles


bob marley essay titlesbob marley essay titlesbob marley essay titlesbob marley essay titles