Applied science as level coursework

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Transportation Education Center: Hosted by SIU’s College of Applied Sciences and Arts [CASA], the ASA Multidisciplinary Research Symposium is open to faculty, professionals, and students from any discipline, university, or professional organization. This year we are accepting proposals for oral presentations, panel discussions, posters (students only) and workshops that will provide opportunities for students, researchers, and practitioners to discuss the influence and impact of the applied sciences and arts on the future of our planet and our society.

8:00 AM to 4:30 PM - Morris Library Hall of Presidents Exhibit Space The Old Campus: an Historical Exploration showcases the history and development of the buildings and landmarks on Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s old campus quadrangle from 1874-1930. The exhibit text and photographs describe the construction, architecture, and functions of SIU Carbondale’s most recognizable buildings. The sources used in creating the exhibit include histories of SIU, Board of Trustee annual reports, Obelisk yearbooks, SIU course bulletins and printed materials, Carbondale newspapers, and photograph collections in the University Archives.

Applied science as level coursework

applied science as level coursework


applied science as level courseworkapplied science as level courseworkapplied science as level courseworkapplied science as level coursework