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My boss gave me a drawing and said to be done exactly as drawn in the hardcopy.. So as a new user in AutoCAD, i started autocad 2007 with all its default without making any changes if metric or imperial.. So as goes on,when the drawing indicates 10mx12m, I just draw 10×12 line,in short,I draw as a kid as I looked at the orginal one. And then,finally done.. My question is, what is the default unit in autocad 2007 or on the other versions?As I open the software?is it metric already?and what is the default scale of this?is this 1:1?and upon finishing the drawing and using its default,how can I make it the scale of 1:100 and 1:150?Honestly, autocad is not my priority job but I sit here and do this,do that. I am interested on this, just a beginner and I am happy that i learn more in your site. Thanks si edwin. Im a big fan of your's,and I keep on reading and practicing your tutorial even in microstation..

I will try to answer the question of "why". Imagine a situation where you have a huge database with a lot of columns in a table, and your project/system uses tools to generate entities from database. (Hibernate has those, etc...) Now, suppose that by your business logic you need a particular field NOT to be persisted. You have to "configure" your entity in a particular way. While Transient keyword works on an object - as it behaves within a java language, the @Transient only designed to answer the tasks that pertains only to persistence tasks.

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